Introduction of TIM(Thermal Interface Materials)

Thermal Interface Materials are also called Thermal conductivity materials. It’s a material with high thermal conductivity that can conform to the imperfect mating surfaces.


The Main Ingredient:

  1. Basic Materials: This material is soft and deformable which could fill the gap, such as Silicon.
  2. Filler Material: This material could increase the thermal capacity of the basic materials. The common material would be metal or ceramic powders.
  3. Structural Materials: This material could increase the mechanical or electrical strength, but would reduce the heat conductivity. It is not necessary to be designed in every TIM.


Characteristic of ideal TIM:

  1. High thermal conductivity
  2. High flexibility that easily deformed by small contact pressures.
  3. Good insulation
  4. Easy to apply/remove
  5. Wide range of application

Introduction of STM products:



Model No. Thermal Conductivity Purposes
SSA-11W 3.0  Bulb、Street light、TV
SSF-21G 4.2  Car electronics、Home electronic

Silcon Thermal Pad(Double-sided adhesive)


Model No. Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
SSG‐01-005 300 300 0.5
SSG‐01-010 300 300 1.0
SSG‐01-020 300 300 2.0
SSG‐01-030 300 300 3.0
SSG‐01-035 300 300 3.5


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